Sheet Music

English Notes… (Raga: Shankarabharanam; Tala: Adi; Composer: Muthiah Bhagavathar):This piece was composed by Muthiah Bhagavatar and was later popularized by Madurai Mani Iyer. It is made to be played and sung by a pianist, violinist, vocalist, and a variation of the drums. It was compsoed to be a Carnatic composition that appealed to Westerners. Any music lover will enjoy playing this either as a solo or in an orchestra.

Kathanakuthuukalam – This is a Carnatic fusion in the Raga(m) “Kathanakuthuukalam” (கதன குதூகலம்) a raga played to express enjoyment & joy. This is set to “Aadi” thalam (ஆதி தாளம்) a rhythmic cycle of 8 beats:

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